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Profitraining Susanna Ylikoski


The class will focus on somatic practices, enhancing the awareness skills that will aid us in confronting our own norms and habits. We will give space for failure, glitches of alternative resolutions and relations, as well as be active in our individual and collective expression and experience of movement. We will flow between deepening our attention to sensations, refining the textures and articulations in the body, all whilst practicing suspension so that our limits begin to inform and free us, becoming part of our dance. The class aims to travel towards the sense of participation: the many different body parts partaking in dance, that joins our bodies together in a space to create a sense of aliveness, pleasure, and lightness.


Susanna Ylikoski (FI) is a dancer, writer, and creator and has been living and working in the Berlin freelance scene since 2020. She received her BA in Dance from SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in 2019. She is a founding member of the Berlin performance and dance community and network - nein9 - which focuses on artist-to-artist care and support systems. She has been part of STREAM, a Tanzfabrik Berlin platform for texts motivated by Live Art since its foundation in 2020. As a dancer, she has worked with choreographers, visual artists, filmmakers, and musicians. 

As a creator, she works interdisciplinary and collaboratively, and her works are deeply situational. In them, she touches on questions of queer non-human ontologies and agencies and their application to co-existence. Her previous works include continuing containing, in 2022, with dance artist Raz Mantell , eventually, in 2021, with musician Jonathan Nagel, and womb in 2020, with musician Cesar B. and visual artist Christian Awe. Methodologies and mannerisms of collaboration, humility, flexibility, inclusivity, and intersectionality are at the heart of how she approaches each production.


Susanna Ylikoski is together with Raz Mantell guest artists at Tanzplattform Leipzig. On Saturday May 25 at 7pm they will perform their piece Continuing containing in our Studio. As an introduction to this performance, they will be offering a workshop on the same day from 1pm. 


10:00 Uhr
Tanzplattofrm Leipzig Erich-Zeigner-Allee 64E, 04229 Leipzig
10:00 Uhr
Tanzplattofrm Leipzig Erich-Zeigner-Allee 64E, 04229 Leipzig
10:00 Uhr
Tanzplattofrm Leipzig Erich-Zeigner-Allee 64E, 04229 Leipzig