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Profitraining Jorge Bascuñan

About the class

This practice offers tools to explore our bodies' physical and sensory aspects. The structure is shaped from a warm-up inspired by somatic practices, anatomy, and martial arts, followed by elements of floor work, partnering, and group dynamics that seek moments of (contact) improvisation. With a lens focused on the physical forces observed in weight transfer, balance, flow, and rhythmic dynamics, the goal is to find an autonomy of creation and identity in the relationship and boundaries between bodies. I seek playful moments to step out of our comfort zones and activate our presence to generate an available body

About Jorge Bascuñan

Jorge Bascuñan is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. He holds an MA in contemporary dance education (MA CoDE Frankfurt am Main, Germany) and BA in Physical Education. Bascuñan is certificated in Cinematography and Actor’s Direction, both in his hometown, São Paulo. Since 2012 he has been co-director of the ‘Baillistas Collective’ of Photography and Multi-art and Ìdrima, a performance and contemporary art collective. His
independent work focuses on the translations of somatic practices and body archives, seeking to re-signify symbolic aspects of contemporary corporeality, traveling around Europe between multiple festivals and institutions. His current teaching and research surround the topic of decolonizing bodies - South American performers in Europe.